These colours indicate updates based on feedback or new insights.

A group of analysts, scientists, former CEOs and further ‘experts by experience’ applied Einstein’s advice


They let go of the thinking that created problem situations

The following emerged …

Many Supposedly Unsolvable Problems are Solvable Today!

How to solve

How to speed up 

How to achieve

How to (re-)create

Harmony with nature

Harmony between groups

Harmony within organizations and systems


[[Urgency We are running out of time]]

Paradigm shifts are needed but don’t happen at scale

Through practical and executable practices and solutions (re)integrating the laws of nature

Many ‘Unsolvable Problems Become Solvable By

Many Supposedly Unsolvable Problems Are Solvable By 

Working from a common foundation

Nature guides


1. The Foundation

1. The Foundation


The foundation intervening …

Where the mountains of obstacles initiatives and innovators face are removed 

with interventions of the highest impact at the lowest costs and risks

2. The Transformation Approach 


The foundation providing …

Highest-impact yet low(est)-risk principles and practices for decision-making at all levels

3. The Law of Nature Manifesto

3. The Law of Nature Manifesto

 More Specifically


1. The Foundation

Organizations, societies and areas1 are part of nature and, hence, need to be treated as Living Systems

  • Living systems
  • Operate by the relevant Laws of Nature 
  • Work best when they are healthy; are in harmony and those in need are cared for
  • Need to use different practices depending on situations:
  • Human beings apply situation specific practices
    • Practices working well with stable situations 
    • Practices working well with complex and continually changing situations

1 Like all of Health Services

2. The Transformation Approach

Making the main groups involved complement each other (1 +1 becomes 3, 5 or 10)

Going beyond the tipping points where 

Mountains of obstacles initiatives face are removed with the lowest costs and risks

The power of high(est)-impact solutions is released 

The exponential growth of effective solutions can take place

Continues with Complementary activities for the main groups involved

Decision-makers, their advisors and experts

Decision-makers, their advisors and experts

    Initiatives, employees and citizens   

Initiatives, employees and citizens


(Re)integrating the following into decision-making 

By making the following and what works well today complement each other

  • Relevant Laws of Nature
  • Einstein-Newton-Darwin practices1
  • Out-of-the-box
  • Go straight to the system level
  • Simple rules for the system level
  • Asking Curiosity driven: “Why? Why? Why?” until satisfactory answers are found

Why do innovative solutions of the highest impact and scientific models get stuck in today’s systems?


  • When their work would mean losing their jobs: They would continue anyhow.
  • Develop their own models and paradigms when inconsistencies, gaps or conflicts emerge from the existing ones [[[To be verified with… ]]]
  • Core Human Values 

The health of people, organisations, etc.

  • Behavioural Essentials

Adaptive integrity; respect and listening to each other; etc. 

1 Confirmed by an Einstein-Newton-Darwin expert, Prof. Michael Fitzgerald


Asking guiding questions that lead to the intervention points of the highest impact 

When decisions are to be made:

  • What Laws of Nature could occur? What practices do they demand?
  • Are the Einstein-Newton-Darwin practices applied?
  • Will the decision improve or worsen Core Human Values? 
  • Are the Behavioural Essentials practised?


Flattening the Curve of the exponentially grown bureaucracy and complexity

By applying the practices coming with the Tipping Point and Capacity Bottleneck Laws of Nature

Used to be part of decision-making by common business sense and intuition.

Is a standard practice in physics, engineering and mathematics.

Is applied by advice to avoid traffic jams on the road.

With or without being aware, in 2020, Flatten the Curve practices around COVID led to:

  • Like freeways were built around cities to reduce traffic jams in the cities, high-speed decision-making tracks were created around the crippling bureaucracy.
  • Extremely fast decision-making happened. 
  • The decisions received the support of vast majorities of the population in countries like Germany and the Netherlands.
  • Please observe: Today’s situation is different. The Laws of Nature demand adjustment to the situation at hand.


Asking this guiding question: Where is Flatten the Curve of the exponentially grown bureaucracy and complexity?

For more information, open ‘Flatten the Curve’ on the left.



Executing the Foundation Project

The project enabling decision-makers, their advisors and experts to solve ‘unsolvable’ problems by

  • Implementing a generally applicable foundation like the Law of Nature Manifesto below 
  • Spanning all of a company, government organisation or system like health services
  • Top-down and bottom-up complementing each other via co-creation

Getting Started

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Positioning your initiative for success 

While initiatives should be able to focus on value creation, they find themselves wasting their resources on

  • Fighting mountains of obstacles and
  • Re-learning the same lessons  countless other initiatives have learned before.

Rather often, practices working well before are now in conflict with Laws of Nature. As they continue to be applied, decisions, communications and activities trigger “won’t work either” in growing groups of people.

Various initiatives attempt paradigm shifts. Yet, they do not occur. 

For paradigm shifts to occur, the primary paradigm shift, intervening at a few changeable root causes of the highest damage, must occur first.

This Manifesto intervenes at several of those root causes.

What you can do

Learn what works in today’s world by joining the Getting Started sessions below

Design your initiative such that the tough (external) obstacles are avoided initially.

Guide the organisations and groups ‘owning’ the obstacles by asking the guiding questions above.

Contribute to initiatives that address the tough obstacles at the system level for your initiative by

  1. ‘Highest impact at the lowest costs and risks at the system level’ and
  2. Integral frameworks like this Manifesto.

Scale your initiative up as tough (external) obstacles are resolved by their owners.

2. The Law of Nature Manifesto

Intervening where the highest impact can be made at the lowest costs and risks


The mathematical Einstein

Many associate Einstein with mathematics, but there is more

Bringing the creative Einstein into organizations, initiatives, science(???) and politics 


The creative Einstein

His curiosity-driven, creative and system-level thinking enabled his achievements

With the contributions of an Einstein-Newton-Darwin expert: Prof. Michael Fitzgerald 

Re-positioning the popular practices 

To where they are highly effective


Re-establishing the lost practices 


Decision making by

1. Laws of Natures first1

2. Laws of Nature and human-made constructs complementing each other

1 Situations can occur in which it can make sense to prefer human-made constructs. When such situations occur, decision-makers should provide reasons that make sense to the people impacted.

Generally applicable guidance

Core Human Values and Behavioural Essentials

Including Adaptive Integrity and, hence, the ability to handle situations whereby environments change quicker than promises can be delivered to

Checklists for alignment verification

Organizations  |  Innovation  |  Health Services  |  Journalism | Education  |  Science

Getting Started

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The Missing Key to Solving the Decision-Maker’s Dilemma
A Game-Changing Policy for Decison

Getting Started: High(est)-Impact Examples

What the creative Einstein would do

Einstein for Organizations

With Prof. Michael Fitzgerald 

Surprising characteristics got Einstein to solve what others could not

How Focus on Core Human Values and Co-creation Led to New Thinking, AiREAS and Flatten the Curve

Play Video about How Focus on Core Human Values and Co-creation Led to New Thinking, AiREAS and Flatten the Curve

Through this interview with Jean-Paul Close, the inventor of a new thinking, important aspects of Co-creation, the Core Human Values, and the applied Flatten-the-Curve practices are made available.

Co-Creators and Signatories

Co-Creators: The Core Team

Eugen Oetringer
Netherlands, Germany
Bridgebuilder, Analyst, Inventor

Jean-Paul Close
Former CEO
Sustainocracy author

Geert Degrande
Founder of Re-Story

Prof. Michael Fitzgerald
Einstein-Newton-Darwin Researcher
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (retired)

Ukpeme Okon
United States, Nigeria
Ambassador for Peace, Barrister

Catherine Schoendorff
Germany, France
Former CEO, C-Suite Coach

John Scholtz
Program Manager
Passion for sustainability

Serene Seng
Executive Coach, Speaker

Dr. Mahendra Shah
Director, former IIASA scientist
Co-author UN-IIASA climate change report 2002

Marion van den Eijnden
Avatar Master
Former Occupational Therapist

Contributing Co-creators

Individuals whose contributions led to significant improvements of the Manifesto

Stephanie Barnes
Germany, Canada
Creativity for doing things differently

James N. Rose
United States
Biologist, General Systems Analyst
Developer of Integrity Paradigm

Harry van der Velde
Holistic analysis and visualization of organizational issues

Please let us know if you believe you have made a significant contribution, but you are not listed here.

Signatories of the First Hour (VERSION 1.1)

Rob Adank

Stephanie Barnes
Germany, Canada

Prof. Manuel Casanova
United States (retired)

Jean-Paul Close

Prof. Michael Fitzgerald
Ireland (retired)

Eugen Oetringer
Netherlands, Germany

James N. Rose
United States

Catherine Schoendorff
Germany, France

John Scholtz

Serene Seng

Further Solution Possibilities Waiting to be Explored

More high(est)-impact examples

Flatten the Curve of negative developments 

Exponential Growth possibilities

Across Areas

Where other attempts had failed to reduce bureaucracy drastically, Flatten the Curve had succeeded

Play Video about Law of Nature Hiding Behind #FlattenTheCurve

A Law of Nature for management and social areas has been re-discovered: The capacity bottleneck Law of Nature. 

An Astonishing Discovery: Human-Made Constructs Overrule Laws of Nature

Play Video about An Astonishing Discovery: Human-Made Constructs Overrule Laws of Nature

Large groups of people have learned to intuitively recognize when decisions, regulations, projects, and the like conflict with the Laws of Nature and act accordingly. Restoring lost trust and support has become a matter of resolving these conflicts.

A High-Speed Innovation Track for High-Impact Innovations

From independent innovators, entrepreneurs, and analysts


Where other treatments had failed, the Law of Nature hiding behind Flatten the Curve guided to the effective treatment

The missing link between reported causes and symptoms of ADHD, dyslexia, autism and the like.

The same video as under ‘Across Areas’ starting at Flatten the Curve for mental matters.  

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