3.1 Einstein


The mathematical Einstein

Many associate Einstein with mathematics, but there was more 

Bringing the creative Einstein into organizations as well


The creative Einstein

His creative thinking enabled his achievements

With the contributions of an Einstein-Newton-Darwin expert: Prof. Michael Fitzgerald 

Practices Einstein would use when they work well


Exact and linear

Break into parts

Practices Einstein would let go when they created problem situations

Exact and linear

Break into parts 

$/€ ‘only’ decision making


Practices leading Einstein and others to their achievements 

Value creation for the wider environment

Out-of-the-box, holistic thinking

Visualization and pattern identification

Imagination and creativity

Searching for ‘simple’ laws of nature

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Answers by Prof. Michael Fitzgerald

They would look at what the current problems are and what current science says. They would always be dissatisfied with current theories, current paradigms, current science. And then, they would develop new theories and new paradigms, and they would use non-standard methods …

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