Solution Possibilities

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Climate: Reforesting

#FlattenTheCurve of Negative Developments

Exponential Growth of Solutions

Serious Reforesting

2 million trees planted. Biodiversity returned. Temperature dropped

Green Belt Movement

The Wangari Maathai initiative led to the Green Belt Movement and the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize.

Over 51 million trees have been planted, and over 30,000 women have been trained in forestry, food processing, beekeeping, and other trades that help them earn income while preserving their lands and resources. 

The movement inspired the United Nations to launch a campaign  to plant 11 billion trees worldwide. More than 900,000 Kenyan women benefited from it by selling seedlings for reforestation.

Solution needs

Creating sufficient income for people in forest areas

Adequate funding for the people to get started

Ongoing funding for reforestation campaigns 


Truly independent not-for-profit organizations providing the funding and/or employment 

The funding from philanthropists, businesses, and carbon compensations 


People in forest areas would earn a living from planting trees and related agro-forestry trades that may touch their heart.

The wisdom of indigenous people would be used to find herbal cures for diseases, and the locals would receive a fair share from the sale of related products.

Entrepreneurs and scientists would help people in forest areas find, develop, and sell new forest-based products.

There would be more livelihood opportunities, such as  

  • Education on the sustainable development role of forestry
  • Protecting the forests 
  • Ecological and sustainable forest-based tourism 

And not to forget values receiving little attention 

Oxygen generation for the world

Human beings cannot survive without Nature

Better weather, with rainfall and temperature enhancing agro-climatic conditions

Tourism: Tree Planting Included

In 2019, there were 1.4 billion international tourists. With 25% participation, this would amount to 350 million trees planted annually.


Rural tourism resorts worldwide add this to their marketing:

“Every tourist coming to a resort is given an opportunity to plant a tree seedling, as viable in the resort and the local community.”

The tourists are involved in the tree planting or can follow the trees’ growth via an app. 

The resorts report the overall status of tree planting every year.

Our Buying Decisions: Tropical Wood, Soybeans, and Meat

Imagine what would happen to deforesting if

Everybody would act responsibly in their purchasing decisions and ask questions such as: “Is this product produced in sustainable ways?”

Vendors would act sustainably across the product creation and delivery chains