We are uncovering ways to solve complex problems with highest impact at lowest costs1

Re-establishing the lost practices 



to each


Re-positioning the popular practices 

To where they are highly effective

Applying laws of nature and phenomena

Applying best practices, methods, and paradigms 

Project Management, Governance, Service Management

Definitions, linear processes, breaking complex matters into parts, measurable


Implementing practical and executable solutions

Implementing theoretical models and popular trends


Seeking highest impact at lowest costs and risks

Breaking complex matters into parts


Truly listening and coaching to new insights

Lessons learned and experts by experience

Changing environments

Out-of-the box views, innovations and solutions

Telling how to do things


Core values

Goals and compliance pressures


To re-establish the lost practices, priority may need to be on the practices on the left. Eventually, the highest value may be achieved when the practices on the left and those on the right complement each other.

1 Highest impact damage, as well as highest impact solutions for the wider environment; the highest impact damage providing guidance as to where the intervention should take place. Costs includes human, social, ecological and economical costs.


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